Botanica Fragranced Reed Diffuser


Inspired by an English Garden, Botanica is years of memories, experiences, and joy captured in scent. A walk through a vegetable garden, the perfume of a rose being carried by a breeze, the earthiness of the produce being warmed by the sun. Botanica will transport you to the finest Cotswold landscape to experience the pleasure of a botanical garden in bloom. 

We worked with a Cotswold-based perfumer to capture this scent so that you too can experience these moments for yourselves, wherever you happen to be in the world. 

The Botanica scent is a blend of Rose, Marjoram, Pimento, Violet, Patchouli, Musk and Ambergris. Diffusion Time is approximately 10 weeks 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ramona Adraktas
Love it!!

This diffuser is so wonderful! I love the packaging, size, and especially the beautiful scent!! I am very happy I decided to buy your product Nicolas!

Anna Poole
Scented Perfection!!!!!

I love the reed has such a high quality scent, the packaging and bottle are so beautiful and classic! I will be ordering again! I have been using mine for almost a month now and the scent is still noticeable and long lasting. The scent is not overwhelming but it does have fairly rich undertones that mix quite well with the lighter tones making for an overall grand floral garden scent...much like walking through an English cottage garden. And having it come from one of my favorite YouTube personalities makes the whole experience perfect!

Danette Krieger
NF customer service

I had a slight delay in receiving my NF diffusers but Vanessa rectified the problem immediately and I was able to have my diffusers within a short time after contacting her. Lovely product!

Paul Mason
Delicate, pleasing and lasting

If you are looking for a pungent smelling item that sticks in the back of your throat don’t buy this. However, if you want a beautiful, long lasting product then buy it. It is easy to assemble and within half an hour I had a lovely fragrance circulating around the room. It lasts and last I have had mine weeks now and it still produces this lovely aroma. Nicholas has done it again. With a candle and the reeds you would be cocooned in a beautiful fragrance. Enjoy…….

Catherine Jette

So love this fragrance as a reed diffuser, it enlivens my whole home!

Bruce L. Johnson
NF's Reed Diffuser Another Winner

I had a specific need in mind when I purchased Nicolas Fairford's Botanica Fragranced Reed Diffuser--helping to dissipate the ambient kitty litter-box odor from my two lovely felines, Rafael and Martina. The reed diffuser worked better than I had expected! When stationed strategically at the entrance to their "business" room, the diffuser worked so well I thought at first they had stopped using the box. Not so!! Any odor was significantly reduced throughout the area and replaced with a subtle (NOT cloying) floral fragrance! Another first-rate product from Nicolas Fairford!!
Bruce in Laguna Woods, CA USA

Suzanne Perlman
Like walking in a garden

It’s a stunningly beautiful diffuser. Very sleek and modern. The fragrance is what I had hoped it would be….I was very pleased!

Donna Wood
Lovely product

The diffuser is lovely. The fragrance is subtle but distinctive. The packaging is fresh and pretty. I am keeping the box on my dest for knitting needles 😊.

Frank Koumantaris
amazing lasting scent

top drawer scent lasts and lasts....

charles dewan
Beautiful scent

The fragrance is wonderful and mode of delivery is elegant so I give five stars. At issue is the delivery. The product itself was recieved intact but the inner decorative box was dented. I'm not sure how that happened as the exterior shipping box was intact. This would be an issue if I were giving this as a gift. Also a minor point but the label on the glass bottle was placed over the seam of the glass. Would have been a touch more elegant if placed on the flat part of the glass. Don't mean to sound petty, just trying to be helpful as you obviously appreciate the details.