Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Tea Collection - Set Of Three


This collection of three loose leaf teas will take you from morning, right through till late afternoon with our Breakfast blend, Rose Petal, and Earl Grey Tea.

A robust blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan Tea - Our Scottish Breakfast is the perfect way to begin a gentle morning and ease yourself into the day. Perfect with a splash of milk.

Our Earl Grey with blue flowers is an East African black tea flavored with Italian Bergamot oil. A refreshing accompaniment to your afternoon tea, the blue cornflower petals add a subtle note of sweetness to the familiar Earl Grey taste. Wonderful with a squeeze of lemon.

The Rose Tea is a classical scented tea, made with rose petals layered into black china tea. It is the perfect refreshment when spending long afternoons in a beautiful garden in summertime. It has a sweet and full taste with flowery notes. For extra indulgence, a dash of cream may be added.

100gr / 3.53oz loose leaf tea (each) / contains caffeine 

Sourced and packaged in the UK 

Customer Reviews

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The quality of these teas, especially the breakfast and rose tea blew me away. Nicholas, you have converted this yankee into a “tea drinker.” Looking forward to new products!

Delightful to the senses

The most delicious tea I've ever had!!!Nicholas did it again...superb quality..aromatic,beautiful packaging (you'll want to display)😊 fabulous taste!No bitterness whatsoever...pure tea flavor ENJOY EVERYONE..❤Well worth the indulgence...worth every penny

Angelica Garza
Tea Time

This purchase was well worth the time and money.
Very aromatic when you open the tea packages. The teas are delicious and soothing for an enjoyable tea-time.

Robert J Lopez
Aromatic Teas

Opening each loose tea containers, I was welcomed to an array of aromas. Each tea has its own unique flavors and taste. ☕️

tiny pluim

Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Tea Collection - Set Of Three

charles dewan
Beautiful teas

Very nice collection. Wonderful taste and loose like tea should be. An elegant ceremony.

Ronald James
I'm having a tea party

All 3 of the teas were sublime. Not only did they all have a pleasing taste, the visual aspect of the Rose and the Earl Grey was lovely to see and lent a subtle extra something to the tea. The Breakfast Blend is lovely with a splash of milk, as mentioned in the description. The packaging is lovely and the resealable packs very practical. As with everything I've purchased from Nicolas, it's been a pleasant experience and have always been pleased. The teas don't disappoint. Now, if someone would just bring me an English garden and some scones .....

Sarah Richardson
Love this tea and love Nicolas you tube show ❤️❤️

A really fantastic blend of tea recommend trying all three xx love the botanical candle sent too x excited about any new launches 🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺

Loose tea


Veronica Lesley Keir
Lovely packaging

this was a present for someone and I have not had feedback yet. However, the packaging is beautiful and nice enough for a gift. Since the creator used his tea as a sprinkling on a cake, I should imagine the fragrance of flowers does not disappoint